What We Do

Parade night activities usually fall into 3 categories; academic study, military training or physical training.

A typical parade night would be:
1845 - Arrive at the squadron & briefings
1900 - 1950 - First training session
1950 - 2010 - Break
2010 - 2100 - Second training session
2100 - 2115 - Final parade

Our programme varies with the seasons to take advantage of the lighter evenings and warmer weather;

In the Winter we study aviation, navigation and communication based subjects. We sit accredited online exams which enable progress towards different levels of cadet classification.

In the Summer we tend to do more sports, military fieldcraft training, navigation exercises, initiative exercises, leadership exercises and adventurous training.

Some of our activities are described below.


We encourage leadership development through training and practice. This is one of the best life skills to learn whilst an Air Cadet.


Cadets can take part in gliding and powered flying. Some are lucky enough to win flying scholarships.


Using radios and other kit, we encourage better communication, a useful life skill.

Sport & PT

Physical fitness is important for all of us. We motivate cadets to improve personal fitness.


Drill encourages strong teamwork and communication. All cadets must be able to perform to a minimum standard.

Military Skills

Shooting teaches respect for weapons and tests their marksmanship skills. Fieldcraft is an excellent tool for testing a cadets leadership, resilience and self confidence.