The authority for Drill in the ATC is the RAF Drill Manual (AP818).

Basic Drill

Each cadet must achieve a basic standard of drill whilst in C Flight, which is assessed through a simple assessment. The routine for this assessment may be downloaded here.

Advanced Drill

Cadets are taught more advanced drill once they have completed their First Class training. If they are good enough they might be asked to represent the Squadron, Wing or Region in a drill competition!

Banner & Rifle Drill

The next step is Banner and Rifle Drill where movements specific to the banner or rifle are learned. Cadets who choose to learn banner drill can go on to parade the Squadron banner at formal parades.

There are also Drill and Banner party competitions, for which only the highest standard of cadets in drill and uniform will be selected.


The Squadron has a growing band where experienced and non-experienced instrumentalists can learning how to play the Bell Lyre, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Bugle, Fife, Trumpet or Trombone. The band continue to develop their skills and hope to enter the Wing Band Competition and lead the parade through Keynsham on Remembrance Day!

The band is open to any cadets with or without existing musical knowledge. We would also welcome new or existing staff members who have musical experience especially in the brass and woodwind areas.