Powered Flying

Flying with the Air Cadet Organisation takes place using a two seat, low wing monoplane aircraft called the Grob Tutor. The Grob Tutor is used by the Royal Air Force to conduct Elementary Flying Training; all Pilots and Navigators who join the RAF begin their training in the Tutor or a similar aircraft. All cadets should get the opportunity to fly in the Tutor (dependent on weather and aircraft availability). Cadets also get the opportunity to go flying when they are away on camp. Before your flight you will be given a safety brief which includes a safety video. You will be fitted with a parachute and a helmet, and you will also receive a further pre flight briefing from your pilot/instructor. Your flying session will last approximately 30 minutes during which time you will take control of the aircraft and many cadet have the opportunity to do some aerobatics. Some cadets also get the opportunity to go flying in different aircraft when they are on RAF camp. Some of our cadets have been flying in the below aircraft.


Gliding is offered to all enrolled cadets.

Our Squadron goes gliding in the Viking which is a two seater sail plane that can be winch launched (which is more common) or launched by an aero tow.

Gliding Scholarship
Cadets who areĀ  over 16 have the opportunity to complete a Gliding Scholarship (GS). If you are 16 or over speak to a member of Squadron staff to find out about Gliding Scholarships. Once the initial paperwork is completed by the Squadron and your doctor you should be contacted with a start date for your scholarship by the Gliding School Over the 40 launches allocated to your scholarship you will be instructed on the effects of the glider controls, how to take off and land, and what to do in the event of a launch failure. You will also learn how to stall and recover the aircraft and what to do in an emergency. The aim of the scholarship is for you to fly a solo circuit by the end of the 40 launches and achieve the silver wings. Cadets who complete the course but do not fly solo achieve the blue wings. For more information visit our local Gliding Squadron's website.