Cadet Development

During the warmer months we run exercises which are used to develop the cadet's leadership, communication, problem solving, team building, organisational & decision-making skills.

The activities also help the cadets to develop confidence, high standards, & learn how to conduct self-appraisal.

Cadets who develop these skills place themselves in a strong position for promotion!


Command/Leadership Tasks are designed to test a cadets ability to lead a small team to complete a task. The complexity of these tasks depends on the age and experience of the cadets involved. The Squadron provides training to prepare cadets for assessed leadership tasks, and if they perform well it may indicate potential for promotion!

Public Speaking

The ability to deliver a presentation or brief to a group is a skill relevant to everyone at some point in their lives, but seldom practised.

We instruct the cadets in presentation skills, and provide the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learnt and build confidence.

Radio Exercises

These often involve radio communication, and test the cadets ability to send and receive concise, accurate and relevant information.

This can also be incorporated into leadership exercises to test those more experienced cadets.