Military Skills


Fieldcraft or Military Field Training (MFT) involves instructing cadets in the basic military skills required to operate stealthily at day or night regardless of weather or terrain. The motto of fieldcraft is “to see without being seen”.

MFT develops leadership, teamwork and communication. The cadets receive training in camouflage & concealment, movement in the field, hand signals, harbouring, basha building, sentry duties, reconnaissance & patrolling.

After a course of training the cadets get the opportunity to put their skills into practice by taking part in field exercises and occasional Squadron night exercises.

The exercises tend to take a competitive stance with cadets competing in their flights and sections. The points awarded during the exercise will contribute toward the Interflight Competition.


All cadets are supervised by qualified staff and have to undergo training prior to handling or live firing any weapon system.

Cadets have the opportunity to shoot using the No 8 Rifle which fires 0.22” rounds (subject to completion of a Weapons Handling Test).

Cadets aged 14+ can train & shoot with the L98A2 Cadet General Purpose Rifle which fires 5.56mm rounds. As before you have to pass a Weapon Handling Test.

Cadets who show further promise may have the opportunity to join a shooting team and compete in competitions, where you may fire different weapons such as the L81 which uses 7.62mm rounds.

Shooting is carried out on either an indoor or outdoor range depending on the rifle and distance.